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Will Olympia continue to have more ‘clean jobs’ than larger areas such as Spokane?

November 30, 2011

0 posted a “clean jobs” database based on a study by the Brookings Institute and the Batelle Technology Partnership.  The Olympia metropolitan statistical area possesses 6,807 clean jobs, well above Spokane’s 3,935, Bellingham’s 2,119 and Bremerton’s 949. Seattle-Tacoma tallied 31,340, compared to Portland-Vancouver’s 27,489. So what, per chance, is a clean job? You can get all […]

What’s strategy behind occupation of legislative chambers?

November 30, 2011


I’m uneasy about the way that the Occupy movement has engaged legislators this week. As an example of the narrative being presented in the news media, check out Austin Jenkins’ report for public radio and Crosscut. In saying this I need to admit that my day job has been so time-intensive that I’ve not made […]

What does a journalism-education convergence look like?

November 29, 2011


Before the advent of newspaper comment threads I switched from being a journalist to a teacher. In the first class I taught, I asked students to read and discuss a series of newspaper articles. I was shocked to see how little they engaged the substance of the readings. The problem wasn’t that most of the […]

Is Internet surfing an addiction?

November 28, 2011


How many of us tend to surf the intertubes as an escape? What would a public affairs website be like that didn’t try to feed that addiction (re: slow news)?

Olympia, Washington is a long way from Columbus, Ohio — or is it?

November 28, 2011


“‘We need people to stay here, and to come here,’ Kathleen Clyde tells me over coffee back in Columbus. This is a battleground state. It’s the heart of the country, geographically—nay, spiritually—and the next presidential election probably won’t be won without it. But, as Clyde says, ‘Who’s gonna wanna move here?’ At 32, Democratic state Rep. Clyde […]

The Seattle Times’ thread is smarter and more civil than The Olympian’s

November 27, 2011


The Seattle Times hasn’t just outsmarted The Olympian with its state budget editorials, but also in the quality of its comment threads. As a case in point, today’s Olympian’s comment thread to its budget editorial suffers from two problems. First, it is once again dominated by a small group of right-wing regulars who do not reflect […]

Seattle Times’ editorials outshine The Olympian’s on state budget

November 26, 2011


In the long run the only thing that may save The Olympian from becoming a zoned edition of The News Tribune is state capital coverage that online readers throughout Washington come to depend upon. Yet all too often The Olympian lets the Seattle Times steal its thunder. As a case in point, check out the Times‘ […]


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